Friday, March 4, 2011

Importance of Rough-housing

Nothing could bring more happiness to my dad-soul!

The Importance of Rough-housing


Blythe said...

Interesting. I would probably put myself in the #3 category, though Dave roughhouses with the boys more than I do (though when the kids were little, I did it more). My anecdotal observation is that if you have two boys, they will just do this, sometimes for hours. My girls did not seem to get the same urge to a) tackle each other b) throw things at each other c) wrestle until someone inevitably got hurt.

david said...

blythe... don't be modest, i remember you smacking your kids around, i mean... rough-housing with them.


seriously though, i wonder if this is something that is more common with dads than moms? for me, it is a very, innate way to play with george.

i also wonder, if our next child is a girl, if i'll still want to rough house with her the same way i do with george.

thoughts on this would be very interesting to me.

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