Friday, February 4, 2011

flying with kids

Experts - I come to you in an hour of need and a perfect discussion item over the weekend.  What are your sure-fire ways to fly with children.  Age specific advice is great.  So far we've been pretty lucky with George.  None of those, "oh that poor parent" or "I hate those people" moments.  While George has been restless and busy, he hasn't been a pill. And ultimately, that's all you can ask for right?  I haven't flown with George in over a year, and early next week I'll get my own dose - going solo.  Ashley and I are on separate flights back from LA - and it's definitely my turn to take him.

I've got the Cars dvd ready.
I've packed the fruit snacks and toys.

Have any horror stories out there?

post script:
How many of you think of Lost when you fly on a plane?  What a show...


Dawn D. Lion said...

avoid open beverages. bring stockpile of favorite books. hope for the best... I've flown with kids a bunch, and never had a really bad experience yet. you just have to be "on" the whole time - the relaxing days of catching up on reading during the flight are most likely over.

Ben & Carly said...

This may not help now but for me the key is the timing of the flight. we flew the red eye home from Kentucky and I tell ya no amount of fruit snacks help when it is that late...even my 7 year old had a melt down. I thought with it being bedtime they would all just sleep the flight away but with all the connections they just became overly tired and upset. on the way back we went in the middle of the day and into evening and everything went smoothly. Preparation is the key...snacks and little gadgets/toys they have never seen before can usually buy you a good 30 min. good luck!
I really enjoyed the discussion on sleepovers, I'm on the fence on this one. My husband is from the camp that says let kids be kids, heck we had them. but something about it makes me worry, you never know when that "one" time something goes wrong will be. we have kind of decided on the one at a time approach and deal with each one as its own seperate issue. There is nothing wrong with telling your child we just don't feel good about it, enough said. My oldest is almost 8, so I think this is only going to become a bigger issue as time goes on, we might need to revamp our strategy. I enjoyed hearing other's experiences.

deb said...

One of the best travel tricks I've used is to order ahead from any diapers, wipes and food we'll need, and then have it shipped to our destination. It has saved us from hauling more than we have to, and it's so convenient.

I definitely agree that you just have to be "on" the whole flight. But if you're prepared with food, diapers, toys and change of clothes for the flight, in the end you'll probably think, "hey, that wasn't a total disaster. Awesome."