Sunday, February 14, 2010

new bike

I purchased a new fork and frame from a nice guy in Philadelphia (off Craigslist - the used bike haven!).

I fitted it with a few of my old components, and a few new ones (thanks honey). All in all, I'm looking forward to this guy being my daily commuter, adventure taker, touring bike.

I've already used it with the trailer and it's a good fit there too. The only issue I can see is that if Ashley and I were going on an extended ride/tour with George - I'd probably want to get a triple.

I've noticed that when pulling the trailer - I comfortably move down to my second chainring. Which is fine when cruising about town, but I'm guessing that for a small tour with any size hills, I'd want a few more options and some lower gears to work with.


Dawn D. Lion said...

That is one great looking bike!

Chris Cherry said...

Again, great looking bike! I assume that you were using the incorrect definition of triple and were really referring to the 3 person tandem. I've always known that you have a soft spot in your heart for tandems.
Maybe we should start a movement of encouraging people to buy tandem bikes for commuting - bike-pooling.

david said...

thanks dawn!

chris - you jest, but i would LOVE a tandem. that is definitely one of my dreams - to do some long distance touring with ashley on a tandem. it'd be so awesome.

Jonah said...

Sweet bike! I like the double front-rack-mounted headlights. Classy look.