Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mud, Sweat and Gears

My new obsession is entertaining notions of family bike touring. To me, nothing sounds like more fun. I know that George is just barely knocking on 8 months old right now, but when he's eight years old - what are the possibilities? There are plenty people out there touring with their children, but finding information about these adventurous souls can be difficult sometimes.

Enter Bicycling Magazine stage left... While I love to roll my eyes every time I get this publication because it panders (too heavily) to roadies and the lyrca crowd. Every issue has one or two nuggets that are good to read.

Now this is a guy I can relate to. His wife isn't as hardcore as he is, though supportive. Three sons, 9, 7 and 1.

They started out in Portland and made it halfway across Canada, jumped on a plane and finished around Nova Scotia.

My favorite excerpt from the book is his account of eating the "Trucker's Paradise," the token "so disgustingly large dish that we'll give you an amazing prize for finishing it," ala the old "96'er" in the Great Outdoors. They ordered two! I'll let you find out for yourself what happens. From the small bit in the magazine, this seems like a lighthearted read and definitely worth your while if you are into family bike touring.

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Ben & Carly said...

I have dreamed of doing this for years. my boss in college inspired me when he told me about his bike tours from the coast of california to the coast of NY with his kids. they loved it so much they did it for years. Ben and I are planning on doing this as soon as we can afford to, which works out because by the time we are out of school and can take that much time off work our kids should be old enough to stick it's always good to have a dream/goal for the future no matter how young your little guy is. thanks for sharing the inspiring article.