Thursday, July 16, 2009

fancy new baby tote'n machine

Tonight I was riding home and I noticed this fancy contraption sitting in the front window of a store called Sporteve. I hadn't noticed this store before, so I googled them. Sporteve is L.A.'s first active wear store to understand women's needs.

Pretty shnazzy eh? It appears that the name of this jalopy is a Zigo. Zigo is the first mom or dad powered family transportation. What a great slogan! Now that's the kind of company I can get behind. This looks similar to a product I spotted several months ago in Santa Monica. This one looks a little more sporty, and probably a little less expensive. Retail on this bad boy is about $1300.

Maybe this weekend I'll hop over to Sporteve and take a spin. From their website - they say you can put even newborns in this guy. George and I will DEFINITELY go check this out. Stay tuned for more info.

1 comment:

Chris Cherry said...

dude, forget the kid connection i want you to get the zigo just for the bike = sweet.