Thursday, July 23, 2009

dads: what (not) to wear on the bike

Bicyclists - often critiqued for what they are wearing. In this case, it's more of what they should be wearing more of. Snapped this picture surreptitiously on my way home from work the other day.

There were several things about the "dude where's the beach" twins that irked me. One was that I kept passing them, only to stop at a light that they would run. When the light inevitably turned, I'd catch up with them, pass them, only to have the process repeated.

It's one thing to run a light when no one's around, or when it's dark, or both. It's quite another to do it when another bicyclist is waiting there, patiently, lawfully... for the light to turn. It's this kind of irrational behavior that give bicyclists a bad name.

Of course, if flippant traffic etiquette were their only infraction maybe I could let them pass. But their get ups, or lack thereof - I found to be particularly distasteful. I suppose it could've been worse if they were flabby and hairy, but muscular and glistening, riding around (as twins) is a little contrived, don't you agree?

For everyone's sake - put a shirt on. I don't care if it's a stretched out company polo from your 5 week stint at kinkos. Just cover it up when you are on your bike. If they were on a beach path I think I'd give them a pass, but not 8 miles inland.


Hua said...

Hi David,
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Cosmo said...

Maybe it is because I am a female and it is not socially acceptable for me to ride around shirtless, but when it is hot out I do often wish I could ride around just like that. Not very chic, but it looks sooo breezy and cool (not cool to be cycle jerks though). Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey have made male biking twin BFFs unfortunately visible