Monday, February 9, 2009

more advice on biking when pregnant

Marion Rice, writer at BikePortland chimes in on the discussion.  She's previously written on topics we're interested in here at kids.bikes.dads, namely how to bike with deal with kids who don't want to bike.  I'll put her on the list of people to contact for future ideas.

She writes a regular column titled family biking - should be a good resource.


Ben & Carly said...

I like the changes made to your bike, I guess I hadn't considered that. I just informed Ben that I would need two new bikes when we got out of nice road bike for competing and a cruiser for around town. I feel I deserve this, we have been in school for 10 years. now I'm afraid he will make me convert my old bike. I have started hearing mixed reviews on this car seat adapter. many sites say that because of spinal issues you should just wait until the baby is one. I always have but only because I didn't have a way to carry the baby. I own a schwinn trailer, its website doesn't carry an adapter but others might. I love my trailer. we got it online for fairly cheap about 7 years ago but it has never given me any problems and I have only had to change the tire out once. I use this almost everyday and none of the seatbelts or interior has worn out. it has great pockets and plenty of storage in back. when I had only one kid we could do a whole shopping trip with it. I'm sure since then they have come out with newer better models with more perks but I have been really happy with mine.

ubrayj02 said...

The bakfiets I have saves me from the worries of rear and front mounted children's seats - I've got a rain canopy and a padded car seat for my girl! She is all snuggly inside and warm even in the wind and rain. With pannier bags, I've got more than enough cargo capacity to haul baby bags and do some shopping/errands.

My bike is like a baby nap machine too.

Since I'm a male, I don't have too much insight into biking while pregnant.

I'll leave with this: KIDICAL MASS!

When will we have a kidical mass in NELA?