Monday, January 26, 2009

welcome to kids. bikes. dads.

Hi. My name is David Pulsipher. Welcome to my blog. I've had a few blogs in the past but this one is of particular focus, so I felt like it deserved it's own, unique url as opposed to being forced to merge into a larger conglomerate blog.

Why are you writing this blog?

Good question fictitious roleplayer! I'm writing this blog to chronicle my personal experiences as they intersect with child-rearing and bicycles. I'd also like this to be a modest clearinghouse for other parents to share their experiences with getting their kids into bicycling at every stage, from newborn until teenager.

Who are you and what qualifies you to speak on this subject?

Jeez, you sure are pushy for a non-existing entity - but nonetheless another top-notch question. Well if there's anything that wikipedia has taught us, you don't actually have to have any expertise on a subject to write about it. But... I have some familiarity with the matter so here's my curriculum vitae as it pertains to kids, bikes & dads.

I have a masters in Urban Planning from UCLA. While there, I studied bicycle & pedestrian design. I now work for one of the top firms in the country in that discipline, Alta Planning + Design. Every day, I try to help communities make it easier for people to walk, bike, and take public transit. I really feel that the more time people spend out of their car, the happier they'll be.

I'm a Steering Committee member for a non-profit group called, C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange.) We focus on educating people on how to make the bicycle a bigger part (or sole means) of their transportation. We provide educational resources, training and a community of like minded individuals to those who are looking to live a car-lite or car-free life.

Recently, I became a League Certified Instructor through the League of American Bicyclists. This is the only nationally recognized educational program for teaching people how to ride bicycles safely.

I'm a full time bicycle commuter, and am thoroughly a bike nerd.

I'm very happily married and my wife and I are expecting our first child in less than two months.

So as you can deduct I'm maybe a little lopsided when it comes to experience. I know bicycles pretty well, but I'm a little skimpy when it comes to the dad part. I'm hoping that this blog will speak to those who are in similar positions, as well as be a place for people to share what they've learned in retrospect.

I plan on reviewing every child-bicycle related object known to man, as well as keep track of the adventures me and the little guy go on.

Ultimately, I hope this place can serve as a place to inspire people to use bicycles to transport and enjoy time with their children.

My first series of posts will discuss bicycling with your children... before they are born. If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas please email me (see profile). Until then... ride safe.


Dawn D. Lion said...

Sweet, David! I have been waiting for this one. I probably have a little pool of St. Louis guest contributers who are passionate about the subject, or might at least have fun looking at this.

Hatch said...

Hi David. I am Ashley's cousin, Jenny. You and I have not met, shucks. But anyway, I dig your blog and am being inspired. Can't wait to see what you put out there. I notice they dont use those seats that sit behind the bicyclist, sorta on top of the wheel any more. Too dangerous?

Anyway, my heart is willing...but I am a fat American like the Danish Dr. described...AND I don't have one of those cool bike wagons to carry my two littles in. Time to invest. I'll check in to see what you suggest.

david said...

hey jenny. thanks for stopping by. i will try to address some of your concerns. i think there is an evolution of sorts when it comes transporting your tots on a bike. i have a really good idea for a graphic that i'm working on. i'll let you know when i put it together.